February 1–Challenge Report Time

Judy L’s Challenge:

She chose #6 last month and for me it was my Japanese Jigsaw quilt.  I put the last stitches in the binding last night before bed.  I will show a picture of it later in its own post after the kids go to school and the hubby to work.  I know I stated that Judy’s was to just get them to flimsy stage, but I couldn’t resist quilting this cute little quilt yesterday.

This month, she has chosen #10 which is my Sunshine Pineapple blocks.  Ok.  This is the boost I need to work on it because it has the “A” word. 

Nancy’s Challenge:

She chose #3 last month. For me, this was my Bento Box. I had to purchase backing, and did.  I cut batting for it.  That is as far as I got.  But if you have been seeing my Monday Milestones, you know that not much in the sewing department has been going on.

This month, she chose #8 and for me it is my Red, White, and Blue Quilt.  Boy this sucker is big!  I don’t have any batting for it.  I was already planning on buying a bolt of batting from Joann’s – but I have to wait until they have 40% off coupon (anyone have a code for one that is valid till like Saturday?).  So it will depend on when I get the batting as to when I can quilt this one.