Back on the Wagon

I had fallen off the wagon for a little while, but now I am back on.

What wagon, you ask?

The BOM Rehab Wagon.

Thanks to Sinta for hostessing this weekly rehab session.  I do plan on trying to stay on the wagon until our household goods shipment is picked up sometime in April.

Here is this week’s block:

2013-02-11 10.12.55

It is month three of the 2012 BOM Mystery from The Fat Quarter Shop.  I now have four blocks completed.

Sarah’s Revival Block 3

Just a quick post to say I’ve gotten block 3 completed. 


block 3

I am still learning my way around  my phone.  I ended up trading my droid incredible in for a Samsung Galaxy 3. They gave us 14 days for a one time trade in with no penalty.  I am glad I did it, I am much happier with the galaxy!

Why Yes, I am Crazy!

My friend, JoAnne showed us a project she was working on before she left and I fell in love with it.  I became obsessed with it and then just bit the bullet and joined the block of the month (it is more like four blocks in a month – so I will be perpetually behind for a long time!).  Because I joined late, I was shipped both months one and two – so I started off behind – a very good candidate for BOM REHAB!

They ship the pattern and the red fabrics, and you supply the backing or purchase it from them.  One of the backing choices was Moda Bella Snow… something I generally keep on hand in my stash anyway.  I try to keep about 3 yards each of Snow, Ivory, and Bleached White in my stash.  I happened to pull out Ivory because it was the one that was labeled (so that I knew exactly which one I was using to order more since it requires nearly 9 yards of fabric for the background)


I followed JoAnne’s tips she showed us at the last bee she was able to go to (the one that convinced me to order the BOM though I am very new to applique) and prepped my backgrounds and back-basted the red on the top and even started to applique it down.  I hated the red fabric.  It frayed, badly and for a new appliquér – it was not a good situation.  That night as I lay in bed, I was thinking a nice batik would be good and I even got up the next morning to look for batiks online.  But I really didn’t want to spend any more on the fabric for this quilt, I was already spending enough!  I happened to remember, I have 3 yards this great extra wide batik batik that I knew would be enough to make the quilt top and then some.  I bought it from a friend’s wholesale fabric party and she ended up washing it before I got it because it stunk badly.  I really don’t like to prewash my fabrics so I had just put it aside and forgot about it.  It is a great blue/teal/purple batik.

Block One

Here is my block one.  Yes, I am definitely new at applique and you can tell.  But I figure that I will never learn unless I don’t just jump in there and do it.  Most of the applique is practice, practice, practice.  If I get better as I go along, then I may redo some of the earlier blocks – I may not.  Considering just 6 short months ago, I had no clue how to applique, I feel I am doing pretty good.

Block One–2012 Designer Mystery

This week morning, I managed to work on my Designer Mystery 2012 Block one Block.  This was such a beautiful, but simple block.  I love the lines in it. And look ma!  My points are perfect!  Despite the numerous flying geese. 



I did something unthinkable, I used pins to hold my squares in place.  Maybe there is something to using pins (on occasion).

So now I am officially caught up with this BOM project.  I vow that I will try my best to keep caught up on this project.  I may not get the blocks done the first week they come out, but at least try really hard to get the block done before the next one comes out.