Tsunami Quilts–The End?

(pt 6)

I was having a hard time coming up with block patterns, so I decided to go with a few classics:

Friendship Star:


Churn Dash:


and finally Ohio Star… but I didn’t remember that the center block was supposed to be the same as the star points, so they are something different…


and that concludes all 50 of the tsunami quilts that I made.

The obsession is over… or is it?  Yes… it is… for now!

Tsunami Quilts– And it Still Continues

(pt 5)

I was running out of ideas for simpler blocks.

Back to Pinterest.  I had pinned a block that I wanted to try.  It looked simple.  I drafted it into EQ to get the size I needed.

I made one block and discovered I could get one block out of 4” of two different fabrics.  So I made a few of these – they were fast, simple, and looked great.


I think that I could have made the rest of them like this… but it felt like “cheating” to me by making multiples of one block.  Don’t ask me what I was thinking.  I only made five total.


Another pinterest pinned block I drafted:


I loved doing this one.  The problem with this one was I didn’t have a lot of fabrics that coordinated 5 different prints/solids.  I would have made more of these.


Another pinterest pinned block I did was this one:


I drafted it at 7” because I thought it would be easier than figuring out what would fit a 12” block.  I added borders and called it done.  I would have made more of these, but again, I didn’t have the fabrics in three values of a color.

This brings my total up to 43.  7 more to get to 50.  I was seriously running out of ideas for blocks…

Tsunami Quilts–Continuing With the Obsession

(pt 4)

I had 30 quilts done and quilted (just not bound yet) and decided that 50 sounded like a better number.  That was only 20 more quilts.  I got to 30 so quick that I didn’t think 20 more would be so bad.

Looking back, what I didn’t take into consideration when I made that decision was the fact that 17 blocks were already done and the remaining seven were already cut.

But I was obsessed.  I couldn’t fall short of my goal.  I had a purpose.  It seems when I have a purpose to what I am doing, I can complete my goals easier.  That will be something I apply to my goals for next month.

Ok.  Now what to do for the remaining 20 quilts.  I didn’t want to go too elaborate, because, as I said, I didn’t want to fall short of my goal – that would be failure on my part in my mind.

So the first few were simple and left over fabrics from the Jelly Roll Sampler.  I just took leftover Jelly Roll strips and did a stitch and flip.  I planned it on the diagonal, so that the smaller strips were on the outside and then I just trimmed the blocks down.




Great… That was four blocks that were quick.  I still had scraps leftover, but not enough to make more of the strip quilts.  Hmmm… What to do.

I had seen on pinterest about the disappearing 16 patch.  I figured it was as good a time to do it as any.  I made one try – it yielded two blocks. They were tiny.  Much tinier than I needed… (but I was using 2 1/2” squares.  So I added borders.



Six more blocks down and I could use up the fabric I really didn’t like.  SCORE!

Total quilts now: 36

Tsunami Quilts–The Obsession Continues

(pt 3)

Bolstered by the fact that I knocked a UFO off so quickly, I decided to do that to my March UFO (#8).  The blocks were already done.  I couldn’t come up with a setting – the whole reason it was a UFO to begin with.  So why not just quilt them and be done with my March UFO?

Done!  Something knocked off my list and given to a good cause! I was rocking with the “high” of those things.

Here they are:


These were made several years ago and my piecing has improved a lot since then. 

Again.  I could have stopped here.  This gave me 30 quilts that I could turn in at the March guild meeting.  That would have been awesome right there.  6 would have been great.  18, marvelous. 30… awesome.

Sometimes… I see my O.C.D. coming from a mile away.  This time, it hit me upside the head and kept at it.  I was obsessed and on a mission to get to 50. Don’t ask me why. 50 sounded like a nice round number. I was insane and crazy and obsessed.  More obsession to come…

Tsunami Quilts–The Obsession Starts

(pt. 2)

I was looking around in my project boxes trying to decide what to work on next – I needed to clear out a box for another new project.  My eyes fell upon these.  I figured I could finish the few blocks and whip up the top and move it out. 

When I took out the blocks and the cut fabrics and such, I realized, I really didn’t like them.  Ok.  No big deal.  I could still finish the top and give it to Na Lima Aloha (my guild’s charity project). 

I still happened to have the previous tsunami tops on my desk and I put two and two together.  I finished the blocks that needed to be done and then decided I would add them to the pile of tsunami blocks.  I figured “cool, a way to knock out a UFO and accomplish a goal of giving a nice number of quilts to the project!”

Here they are quilted:


I could have stopped here with 18 quilts… but noooo….