Last-Minute Dye-Job

Sometimes, things do not go exactly as you planned.  While I have been working away trying to finish my quilts for the upcoming quilt show, I ran into a problem.  No fabric for my binding for the last quilt I am completing. 

Part of the reason was that I mis-cut the border fabric that I had originally intended to use leaving me with way less fabric than I needed.  I had the bright idea to use this tutorial to bind – since it required smaller cuts of the binding fabric.  I thought I had enough of the accent fabric left from the quilt to complete the look.

As I drag the fabric out, I notice the cuts of the fabric would not be conducive to binding fabric – too many seams – most of them were only 6” x 5” pieces of fabric.  Oh boy.  What do I do?  The accent fabric is a hand dye that I made a while back. I don’t think I can duplicate it because it was fire red dye over dyed with Chinese red.  I then go to my stash of dyes and find out I have NO Chinese Red dye!  OH NO!

I have only until Tuesday to complete this quilt; there is no time to order more dye and get this completed.  I prepare some fabric in my soda ash solution and hope for the best.    I know I can’t duplicate the color because I just dumped the rest of my Fire Red (about a tablespoon and a half) and about a half tablespoon of Fuscia.  At the last minute I decided to add some Golden Yellow (the Chinese Red is an orange-red).  I think I usesd maybe a quarter teaspoon of it.

Here it is fresh out of the dryer!  Trust me – the photo does not do it justice.  It is still a tad bit damp for one and the red is a bit harder to photograph. 

2013-05-04 07.24.19

I Triple Dare You

To Dresden!  And I took the dare for myself.

I give you Ānuenue – (pronounced “āh-noo-weh-noo-weh” ) – which means Rainbow in Hawaiian. 

if you are just joining me, for the hop, I have lived in Hawaii for the last 5 1/2 years.  We are scheduled to move back to the mainland this coming summer. I have loved our time here and will miss all my friends that I have made here. 


Every day you see can a rainbow here.  When we move back to the mainland in a few months, I will miss my Hawaiian Rainbows.  I had to make me something to remind me of them and my 6 years in Hawaii.

I dyed the fabrics for this using procion dyes.  I started with Clear Yellow, Sapphire Blue, and Fire Red.  Though not a “true rainbow” as it would have been if I Had used the cyan, magenta, and lemon yellows, but I still like it – because Sapphire blue and fire red are my favorite dyes in those colors.


Here is a snapshot of them batching (along with a few other things) from my phone the day I dyed fabric.

2013-01-14 10.15.49

and here are the fabrics after the dye process.


After the dresden was appliqued to the quilt top and then sandwiched, i  used painter’s tape to mark the grid-lines for quilting.  I will have to say though, this is the first time my grid-quilting has come out so flat and pretty.  My Janome 6600 integrated walking foot really did a good job! 



When I visited some of the blogs on Thursday, Friday, and Monday, I was inspired to do the following.

Here is “Puanani” (pronounced Poo-ah nah-nee) which is Beautiful Flower  in Hawaiian. Sorry for the not-so good photo – it was really rainy today so I couldn’t take it outside to photograph it.


I was inspired by these blogs’s posts:

Debby Kratovil Quilts  – inspired by her vortex quilts I saw that the circular shape didn’t have to be just a traditional dresden blade; it could be other things.  From there I wanted to try to make them uneven sizes.  That was the start of this quilt.  That vortex quilt really opened up my eyes to dresdens!

Busy Bee Quilts – inspired the white space in-between the colored blades.

I started working on this quilt on Saturday.  I had the two different sized dresdens and was playing with them to see what to do with them.  I was at a stand-still and thought I would just post this “sneak peak”  below and hopefully find more inspiration after my day of the hop.


Sunday I couldn’t do anything; we had bad weather and with the threat of the power going off, I really didn’t play in the sewing room at all.

Then Monday morning, inspiration struck again!

Rosemary B – showed me the solution to a problem that I wanted to do if I overlapped the “petals” of the dresdens and have it look like two flowers together; by having shorter blades in between.  I trimmed the one blade that was the problem and voila! problem solved!   Sunshine Girl’s beautiful cog quilt helped with this inspiration too!

Quilting Lodge – inspired the double center for the flower.

Thank you everyone for the great inspiration for my quilt.  I can’t wait to see what everyone else’s blog’s brings!  I was able to finish this up Monday morning (because I have guild tonight- Monday night) and I have to post at 6pm the night before, which is when guild is for me.  The little quilt only finishes about 12×16 – but I couldn’t have made it without the ladies from this hop!


And since you have stayed with me this far, here is a treat for everyone:  A tutorial on how to make the rainbow-striped binding that I used for Anuenue.

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Indigo Shibori

The day before we left on our camping trip, my guild offered a indigo shibori class at the education chair’s house.

I had never done Indigo dyeing or Shibori, so it was a wonderful opportunity to be able to take this class.  Fortunately, this is a recurring class (there is always tons of interest in the class and only 10 people are allowed in the class at a time, I have already signed up for the class in November – though there are two other classes in before that one.

Here are my results:


This one was made using larger vase rocks and rubber bands


This one was smaller vase rocks in the center, marbles, and then golf balls.


I didn’t like the way this one came out at first – almost white with blue only where it is dark.  I put it back in the indigo vat for about 15 seconds to get it a light blue.


I like the texture of this one and the one below.



This one was my favorite.  I do wish I had folded it different though so that the blue was more consistent. 


This piece was the main reason I took the class.  I wanted a nice piece of dark indigo solid to go with my arrowhead quilt for the border.

May UFO – Star Crazy

Here is my May UFO, Star Crazy

I started it last year and completed the top within a month. It was a quilt that twelve or so of us bought on sale from Superior Threads.

I over-dyed the backing fabric. It is the same white-on-white on the front, that I over-dyed shades of green. The next time I dye a backing though, I will piece the back before I dye it so that the seam lines are not as noticeable.

I quilted this on my Janome 6600 in Lime Green Masterpiece thread. The quilt is about 85″ square.

Hand Dyed Pineapples–Completed

Last week was a whirlwind of completed projects.

One of the items I completed was my Hand-Dyed Pineapples.

I dyed ALL the fabric for this quilt – even the back.   Looking back through my old posts I forgot that I had already dyed the binding for the quilt.  Oh well.  I like the look of the dark green around the edge.  I think it sets it off nicely  The quilt now hangs on the wall above my couch.


Sort of a Close-up:


In the “body” area, I used an orange, red, and yellow variegated King Tut thread.  In the green, I used a variegated green King Tut thread.  I will have to say, King Tut from Superior is my favorite to use when I quilt.  I would love to eventually get the thread cards for all the line.  Maybe I can ask for that for Christmas?  I just recently bought a huge spool of “the bottom line” and some Super Bobs for piecing, I can’t wait to try it out!!

Now I am off to go clean my sewing room from last week’s flurry of activity.  When you can’t walk in the room, it is a sign that you need to clean it, don’t you think?