All around blogland I have been seeing this block.  I even had to order the magazine from the Fat Quarter Shop so I could make sure to get it.


I made a test block last night.  I have been wanting to do something with the indigo fabrics I purchased last year, so I cut a small block off of one and tested the block with a hand-dye that I did in class.  Good thing it was a “test” block.  The fabric bled onto the indigo when I sprayed it with starch – also my piecing was not that great.  It still turned out pretty enough that I put a 3-yard hunk of Moda PFD in the bucket of soda ash last night at 9pm.

I figured I would let it soak all night, and after I took the kids to school I would dye it red – Fire Red.

Fast forward to about 12:30 after I was laying in bed trying to go over the amount of red dye that I would need to make three yards of fabric.  I couldn’t stand it any more so I got up and thought I would make a quick batch of dye and let it cure over night – so that when I got back from taking the kids to school I could start washing it out. It wasn’t like I was creating a recipe – just taking pre-mixed dye and mixing it and pouring it over the fabric.

My first mistake was that I didn’t put my bag in my dishpan.  My second mistake was not prepping my surface before I started working.  My third mistake (and now I know  WHY you put your bags in your dishpan prior to filling them) – was not checking my big ziploc bag for leaks.

Yep.  You guessed it.  FIRE RED dye ALL over the counter, down the side of the painted wall, and onto the floor.  Half of my dye was gone – not that I had made a whole bunch of it to begin with – I guess I believe in ULTRA-low water immersion dyeing.

After transferring the dyed fabric and what liquid I had left into a new bag and placing it in the dishpan in case THAT one leaked, I set out to clean the floor and counter.  Out came my handy-dandy clorox-clean-up cleaner with bleach.  LOVE that stuff for when I dye.  Mess cleaned up – except one bit of the wall is now pink.  That is ok.  I can get some touch-up paint from self-help and need to for other parts of the house anyway.  Now I am WIDE AWAKE.  It takes me about two hours to calm down from that.

Later after taking the kids to school, I wash out  the reds, make sure there is no more dye coming out of the fabric. Then I dry it.  There is a big splotch of red/pink/white area.  NOT good.  And I am out of Fire Red dye.  So what do I do?  I go back and put the fabric in the bag, put about 5 cups of soda ash water in there and then over-dye it with what I have left of Chinese red dye.  It is on its final wash, so we shall see how it turns out…

All this because I think I might run out of projects to work on at the bee tomorrow that is an all-day one (from 8:30 am to 10:30pm).

I have Quilter’s ADD and Quilter’s OCD.  Not a good combination, I tell you!

Dyeing Another Day


Today I dyed my orange fat quarters for the same project I dyed my green fat quarters for.  I carefully set up my station:


I found these clear lawn trash bags at the commissary and had been taking them to my monthly bee because they were the only thing that would fit the trash cans at the community center.  Now that we moved to another room, I don’t have to bring my own trash bags, these were just extra.  They are perfect “drop cloths” for my counter.  They fit just perfectly on the large end of my island by my kitchen sink.  I found that if I wipe the counter just before and leave it slightly damp, the plastic sticks to the counter just enough to not allow the bag to move much.  I also found that I can stick my little “cheat sheet” for what dye is in each of my bottles, so I am not constantly trying to find my sheet and worrying about it getting to damp or dyed up to read.

I also purchased two sizes of the shaker bottles- six that hold two cups total of liquid and six that hold four cups of dye.  These are great to mix the dye in.  It also allows me to shake the dye up just before using so I can doubly check that it is all dissolved. 

I would also have to say those measuring cups are awesome – I love the angled area that allows you to read the measurement while looking down on it.


Here are my dyes all ready to be mixed into different proportions to become the beautiful fat quarters below:


I took my leftover dyes and poured it on some WOF quarter-yard pieces.  These might become my bindings for the quilt.  I absolutely love the texture on it.


Green FQs

So last week when I was dying my yellow/orange samples, I also dyed my green FQs for the project.


All but one came out ok.  (the fourth from the right).  I don’t know if I got distracted while measuring dye or what.  I will have to do another because that one sticks out like a sore thumb.  I did use different fabric from the testing.  I used a mercerized cotton for the testing and Moda PFD for the FQs.  I know that that has some effect.  I do prefer the hand of the moda fabric over the mercerized cotton.

This weeks’ plan is to do my orange/yellow FQs to get ready to sew with JoAnn our project that we are going to do together next week.

Fabric Dyeing

I am addicted.  Plain and simple.

Friday, I sat and planned my day.  I knew I had to be done with whatever I wanted to dye (at least the actual dyeing and not the curing time) by eleven am.  That would give me enough time to mop my kitchen floor before the maintenance guys came at one to fix some various items around the house. While they were working, I could cut up my veggies for stirfry for dinner that night.  Then at four, when they were due to be gone, I could rinse the fabrics out and have them all nicely pressed before company came over for dinner at 5:30 and I had to start cooking.

I accomplished a lot.   I got my green FQs dyed that I tested for the other day (will post later because they are out in the car right now).  I also tested oranges (again, photo later). 

I also dyed a 3-yard piece for the back of the quilt that the greens and oranges will go for.  This was a total experiment.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do other than use my leftover dyes.  I soaked the piece in soda ash.  I then kinda scrunched it up and put it in a jumbo ziploc bag.  I then just poured dye on it.  I started with the three yellows I had.  (I had to dilute them a bit because I didn’t have a lot of each left).  I then poured the orange and then the two greens.  At last thought I poured my Chinese Red on it.


I am happy with it.  I am a little upset there is not as much green in it as I had hoped.