Dye Experiment #1 – Light and Dark Greens

Ok.  I am insane.  You all knew it.  But to say it out loud is something else.

I did my first at-home dyeing experiment today. 

I dyed sixteen 11×11 pieces of fabric in varying shades of green.  Why green you ask?  Well, I am going to be making a quilt with my friend JoAnne soon and it calls for 6 light greens, 6 dark greens,  6  light and 6 dark orangey yellows (this experiment will be done on Thursday hopefully).

Here is how they came out of the washer and got pressed:


I was ooohing and aahhing as each one emerged after being pressed. A lovely array of greens.  A couple of them were a bit too olive-y for me, but for the project I will be working on, some of the lighter ones will be good.

And here they are in the order they were dyed (right to left):

DSCF3183Number 13 has to be my favorite one (no big surprise there) and numbers 10 and 16 coming a close second.  Number 5 turned out better than I expected, and number 4 is a nice blue-spruce color.  Numbers 1, 2, and 3 were very close in color, but since number 1 is Kelly Green, Number 3 is Bright Green, and number 2 is an even mixture between the two.  I am sure if I put numbers 1 and 3 next to each other, there would be more of a difference.

Things I have learned from today (in no particular order):

  • must have music on to help calm my nerves.  I shaked while pouring the dye into the teaspoon/tablespoon measurements that I had.
  • 1 cup prepared of each dye color was WAY too much.  Especially since I had three yellows and 2 greens that I was working with.   I also made way too much black (only 1/4 cup) – only used 1/4 teaspoon of it.
  • For small amounts of dye color, the shaker containers I bought for it was overkill.  It was nice to be able to shake the dyes to make sure they were mixed well and again right before using them, but maybe I should get the smaller ones for making small amounts of dye vs the 4 cup versions.
  • I need to get some of the medical gloves instead of the dishwashing gloves.  Right off the bat when I was cutting open the soda ash to mix it, I cut a hole in one of my gloves.  I didn’t have another pair of gloves, so I just tried not to use that hand much.  I ended up needing to bleach that hand when I was done.  Plus, the dishwasher gloves are clumsy because they never fit really well.
  • I liked the ability to mark directly on my fabric with sharpie the number so that I can replicate the colors later.  I also had pre-made some dyeing note sheets ( I will share it in another post).
  • I absolutely need more ziploc bags.  I only had enough to do 16.  If I would have had more, I would have made the oranges today too and not wasted all that yellow dye down the drain.

All –in-all a good experiment.  I can’t wait to do my orangey-yellows.

I must be crazy…

I have always wanted to do a “Blooming 9 Patch” Quilt.

I was messing around on eq7 tonight and came up with this:


Wouldn’t this look lovely in hand-dyes?

I showed it to my husband.  He said – “yep.  it would look lovely in about 5 years when you are finished…”

he is so true.

Did I mention it will be king size.  with 3” finished blocks?

Maybe I will buy the PFD for myself for Christmas and start on it in the new year.

New Dye Colors

I got some new dye colors in today. 

better blackBetter Black


bright greenBright Green

chinese redChinese Red

cobalt blueCobalt Blue

deep orangeDeep Orange

golden yellowGolden Yellow

grape Grape

jet blackJet Black

kelly green Kelly Green

new black New Black

To add with the colors I already had:

bright yellow Bright Yellow

 electric blue Electric Blue

fire red Fire Red

 fuschia red Fuchsia Red

lemon yellow Lemon Yellow

turquoise Turquoise

I also bought some new measuring cups and measuring spoons, squirt bottles, shaker bottles, and a big tub to corral everything.

I have 5 yards of mercerized PFD cotton and 5 yards of Moda PFD cotton.

I have ziploc bags.  I have soda ash.

Now all I need is TIME TO DYE MY FABRICS!!!

The kids are out of school until Tuesday of next week. I can’t wait to dye some fabric!!

Another “Charmed” Bag and Mail’s Here!


I just had to make another one of the bags that my friend Holly taught us earlier in the month.  I kept perusing charm packs online and nothing really struck my fancy.  Last week, while I was at one of my LQS’s (The Quilt Hut), they actually had a couple of these “Happy” jelly rolls.  Before I knew it, one was in my shopping bag and I was on my way home with it.

I thought about it and decided to make another bag.  This one is a little bit smaller than the one with charm squares, but I like the size. It is just perfect to put my laptop in with some room for a book or two and a few other items without being too squished.

The mail came today with some great treats for me that I can’t wait to play with it…


Six different colors of dye (2 reds, two blues, and two yellows), some soda ash, and a drop cloth.  I also have some dye books coming too.