I Need Professional Help

Before Christmas I had asked Santa (aka The Fat Quarter Shop) for the Glace Frosted Windowpane Quilt Kit from The Fat Quarter Shop.

Well, I didn’t win.  I was perusing the website (a really bad thing for me to do, I know).  I wasn’t even going to consider buying it when it was at regular price.  If I had won it, great, but I really didn’t need the new project.  Well… it is now 40% off.   Yep.  I bought it.  Since technically I ordered it before the new year, it is not interfering with my goal of  no new projects for a while.

I need help.  Professional Help.

WIP Notesheet

Before I reformatted my blog, I had a PDF of a WIP worksheet. I have had a request to put it back up so here it is:


This will open a PDF file that will print out on a half-sized US Letter sized sheet.  What I do is cut the paper in half prior to inserting in the printer.

Flashback Friday – Batik Confetti

Today’s Flashback doesn’t go back that far – to June 25th, 2009.  The quilt is Batik Confetti.

100_4902 100_4903

This little quilt was an exercise in the  “stacking the deck” method of cutting blocks.  Basically you stack the fabrics in a deck (a stack of fabrics 5-6 or more) and then cut them all the same.  Then you shuffle them so that different fabrics are with other fabrics.

The fabrics for this quilt came from my first ever quilting retreat.  We swapped 6″ batik squares with everyone.  It was fun and I got a lot of different batiks to play with.  When I got them, I had no clue what I would do with such an array of blocks.  While reading different blogs, I came across the quilts made with this method.  I then had a light bulb moment and thought back to those blocks still in my stash.

Would I do something different if I were just starting this quilt today?  Yes.  I would only take five 6″ squares in one “deck” and cut them one way and then another set and cut them differently (on different angles), and so on.  I still love the quilt how it is, but it would be a bit more interesting if the triangles were a bit different from one another.

I quilted this myself  using a walking foot and strait concentric lines inside each triangle with grey thread.  I wanted to emphasize the triangles.

Indigo Shibori Fabric

A few months ago, my guild offered a class with a local Indigo Shibori teacher.  I wanted to take the class, but it interfered with another previously scheduled event, so I resigned myself to never experience it.  I loved the look of Indigo, and wanted some pieces – more so than the actual process (I don’t think I will ever enjoy that anyway because of the mess involved and the fact that I can’t do it on my own).

Saturday, at the guild’s Christmas party, one of the guild members had a bunch of fabrics she dyed.  We traded some of my beach bags I make for some of her fabrics.  Here is what I got:

Each piece is different sizes – with the smallest being 9″ X WOF.  Some of the photos do not do the fabric justice.  They are just beautiful.   I guess I have another future WIP on my hands.  I want to add some nice red and figure out a pattern to use.