Thread Shelf

Remember my ruler rack that my neighbor made for me?  I absolutely love it and am so happy that my neighbor Keith made it for me.

Well, he made me a thread shelf!


It is made from the same type of wood that my ruler rack is.  Look at those mitered corners! There are plenty of shelves for smaller thread spools and cones.  It is beautiful.  Thank you Keith – especially for taking out time right before you moved to make it for me.

The sad thing is they are moving next weekend.  I will miss them.  We have been neighbors for over 4 years (a rarity in the military!!)

Binding Storage

A few months ago I saw on a blog a neat way to store binding – in a squat mason jar.  I can’t remember the blog it was on (sorry) – but I went and bought a few mason jars and proceeded to put my binding in it. It was great for quilts that are not that large – but I tend to make larger quilts.

I came up with this idea…


Yep, those are empty 50ct CD/DVD Spindles. This works great for quilts that are larger than lap-sized.  It holds two bindings – they are covered by the lid, and you can see them through lids so that if you have many bindings – you can see where the one you want is. 

A New Ruler Rack

My neighbor likes to dabble in woodworking.  I had asked him if he could make me a new ruler rack because the little 9-slot jobs just wouldn’t hold all my rulers.  He finished it today:

It has tons of slots.  It measures 11” x 24” and is awesome!


Did I mention it has a ton of slots?  I was able to put in all my rulers and still had slots free.  I am also able to lay my long rulers down – which is really nice.



It fits nicely on my shelf that my fabric is.  Thank you so much Keith!!  I absolutely love it!

Oliso Irons STINK!

Quilters all over the world quest for that perfect iron.  One that heat up fast, stay hot for long periods of time, have a good steam reservoir that won’t leak or spit at you, and have a good gliding surface.

Two years ago, I was introduced to the Oliso Irons.  I thought I had found the perfect iron.  For 10 months it was perfect.  Then it burnt out.  It had a one year warranty so it was replaced.  In hindsight, I believe it was replaced with a refurbished one instead of a brand new one because the touch handle has never really worked right.  It would not register that I was trying to get the automatic lift to come down.

It is now acting all wonky because not even being anywhere near the thing, it would raise and lower on its own multiple times.  Several times, it would end up in the position of no risers and it has scorched my ironing pad several times.  It is a fire-hazard.  I have stopped using it in the horizontal storing positioning and started using it in the “normal iron” positioning, but while in that mode it shuts off much quicker and takes longer to heat up. 

I contacted the company, but because my original warranty was from February 08 to February 09, the replacement iron is not covered.  What ever happened to making a quality product and standing behind it?  If I spend $100+ for an iron, I would think that it should last more than a year.

I guess I will go back to a cheap $20 iron because it seems they last about 6 months for me, but when it goes bad, it is not like I invested a lot.

HQG – June Potluck

Monday was my guild’s annual potluck dinner.  In addition to that, there is always an auction of donated unwanted items from member’s sewing rooms.


Here were my spoils from the evening.  I spent maybe about $20.



A kit to make a small wallhanging.


A set of fabric – the floral is 1 yard and the other two are about 1/4 yard pieces.


These are almost half yard cuts


These are 1-yard cuts of a nice decor weight fabric.


Another thing that happens is the installation of new officers for the following guild year.  I was installed as the guilds Vice president and Membership Chair.

Here my friend Susan and I (she was installed as President)


susan and kim


I also got a few things in the mail this week:



A new book



My Aunt Kathy sent me these – they were my grandma’s.  I lost ONE of mine – a very commonly used size in all the BOM’s I work on.  She sent me the whole set.  Thank you Aunt Kathy!