New Books

C&T Publishing had an end of the summer sale on their website a few weeks ago and many of their books were marked from $2-$5 each. I ordered 6 books and with shipping it came to just under $30.  So I paid $5 a book for each of the books below:


books (1)

books (2)




The books below were from Crafter’s Choice.  I have been a member for a while and  sometimes the selection isn’t always wonderful for Quilting books (they do have quite a few, but not always in my tastes) they do have good deals.  I had a Buy one get one free offer and then the remaining in the order was half off publisher’s price. 

books (3)

books (4)



I also had pre-ordered the new Schnibbles book and it arrived this week too:



Lots of new books to add to my inventory and some new projects to drool over. 

HQG – June Potluck

Monday was my guild’s annual potluck dinner.  In addition to that, there is always an auction of donated unwanted items from member’s sewing rooms.


Here were my spoils from the evening.  I spent maybe about $20.



A kit to make a small wallhanging.


A set of fabric – the floral is 1 yard and the other two are about 1/4 yard pieces.


These are almost half yard cuts


These are 1-yard cuts of a nice decor weight fabric.


Another thing that happens is the installation of new officers for the following guild year.  I was installed as the guilds Vice president and Membership Chair.

Here my friend Susan and I (she was installed as President)


susan and kim


I also got a few things in the mail this week:



A new book



My Aunt Kathy sent me these – they were my grandma’s.  I lost ONE of mine – a very commonly used size in all the BOM’s I work on.  She sent me the whole set.  Thank you Aunt Kathy!

Joen Wolfrom

HQG February meeting 002Joen Wolfrom was at my guild on Monday night.  Her lecture was very informative and insightful.  I will admit some of it eluded me when she was talking about it, but the next morning driving around looking at the colors in nature, it was like BOOM!  Where I saw the light hitting the grass and dew, and then where the shadows added black her explanations clicked.  I also saw the effect on the mountains through a golf course screen and it showed me the difference when adding different amounts of grey when I saw them without, with one and two layers of screen. 


I really want to get her 3-in-1 color tool. 

and possibly a few of her books:


Normally I wouldn’t solicit for gifts, but I definitely wouldn’t turn any of these down!  Though I am known for making jelly roll/charm square/etc. type quilts.  I would really love to branch out my skills and possibly delve into some more color-study quilts.