To Give or not to Give

That is the question.


Carol at Giraffe Dreams posted about her decision to quit quilting for others, or at least cut way back.

I feel that the pressure to give is HUGE for quilters.  We are expected to make quilts for all of our extended family members, participate in all the local charities, and then soon it feels like a full-time job and no longer a hobby.  For some of us (like me) I can generally avoid the pressure, but when I am asked about every quilt I make who it is for, I tend to feel guilty when I say “me”. 

Hell, I spend countless hours picking out a pattern, picking fabric, cutting, sewing, and then quilting and binding – I have become attached to the quilt.  That is just for “plain” quilts.  I don’t mind making quilts for someone, and actually love to do it.  I just don’t want to feel pressure to constantly make quilts for others.  Quilting is my therapy.  There is no joking about that.

Prepping fabric, cutting it, planning the perfect pattern for it, and sewing it is very cathartic for me.  My mood deteriorates rapidly the longer I go between spending time in my sewing room.  I am lucky my husband understands that.  Especially since I am a stay-at-home mom and my house is generally a mess; I spend my free time without kids in my sewing room.  Sometimes, the kids do their homework when they need help in my sewing room, because I just have to finish to a certain stage.

I applaud Carol for her decision.  You have to do what is right for YOU.  If you want to give all of your quilts away, great.  If you want to sell them and can, awesome.  Those are your choices.  Don’t berate people or make them feel guilty for keeping their own quilts.  You wouldn’t ask a scrap booker to give away all their creations, so why a quilter?  You wouldn’t ask them who their scrapbook is for, right?  Don’t even ask a quilter who the quilt is for because they will tell you if it is for someone else.