Baby Bounce

October’s “Schnibble” is Bounce by Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company.  While it is not a schnibble, it was one by the same designer. 

I chose to make it smaller and all monochromatic.  I have a friend that recently gave birth to a boy and I needed to make a baby quilt for the baby.  I really loved the way the borders were on this quilt and I also figured I would kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

The grass was a little too wet for me to put a quilt on it this morning for me to get a picture on the grass – but here is my “Bounce(ing) Baby Boy”



I pulled most of the blues from my stash.  A friend gave me a few blues to help get me up to 12 so that each star could be different.  I am just noticing how much that white was fraying in the picture above… which is weird because that is Moda Bella Bleached White.  hmm – oh well, it will be fine once it gets quilted (hopefully next week).

I have been busy lately – not a whole lot of quilting/piecing going on… hubby came back from a short deployment and we have been spending family time together.  I felt so bad about not spending a lot of time with the kids while I was in school and then hubby comes home and we normally spend time together as a family doing stuff (even if it is just watching TV together), that  I have hardly been in the sewing room when he is home from work.

We did go to the beach about a week ago:


We let the kids each bring a friend and spent the day at our favorite beach – Bellows AFS Beach.

I tend to sit under the popup shade and watch the kids play and read.  I brought my new tablet with me but I “hacked” a waterproof cover; a large ziploc bag.  It works for what I want it to do; keep the moisture and sand off my tablet. 


Yes, it is no longer an iPad.  We ended up giving that one to “G”.  I had a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, but my husband wanted an android tablet instead of the iPad, so he got that one.  I got a Samsung Galaxy Note tablet.  It made more sense for me to get the one that I will be able to use at school when I return and this one will be better for that. 

A Tale of Two Docs

When it came time for the reveal of my Doc quilt, I had wanted to include this photo of my top and Jo-Anne’s top together – it was very interesting to see the way fabric choices affected how the same quilt looked.  But my computer had the cracked screen and I couldn’t get any photos off of it because it was winging its way to the repair facility.


Jo-Anne’s looks so much bigger than mine, though we looked and they are exactly the same size.   I might be tempted to do the same as her, the black and white “cards” but I would have to go with a lime background… Winking smile

Jo-Anne was the lucky recipient of one of the fat quarter bundles – she inspired me to start making schnibbles so I am happy she won.  I won a $15 gift certificate myself – now to figure out what I want to buy…

Summer Day Finish

I managed to complete Summer Day over the weekend.


and here is the back:


I will wash it with a ton of color catchers his week and give it to the intended recipient.

The blues are “Bundle of Jungle” by Marcus Fabrics.  The white and reds are Moda Bella Solids.  It measures about 48” square.