My Birthday

Last Friday was my birthday and I decided to buymyself a present. Traditionally,  I generally buy my quilting notions as presents myself.

These have been out a little while, it seems,  but I have not seen them until recently.  I saw a video and fell in love with the pillow case seen here


I got the following for a birthday present to myself

The 2″ scallop ruler and pusher,
PSX_20150411_203042 PSX_20150411_203202

The 1.5″ prarie point ruler

PSX_20150411_203243and the 1.5″ mini point ruler and pusher

IMG_20150415_191256IMG_20150415_191408I can’t wait to use them.  Once I finish the current project  I plan on maing one or two pillowcases.

The Scrappy Quilter

Things are slowly getting back to normal after our move to Texas.  We found a place to live – that was the main obstacle in our path when we first got here.

Since January we had decided that we were going to rent a friend’s house for at least a year and stopped looking for anything.  The timeframe was perfect; the current renter’s lease was up when we needed to be in it seemed to be kismet.  Unfortunately, the current renters didn’t like the idea of leaving and decided to stay in the house.  My friend is in a legal battle to get them kicked out.  With not knowing how long that would take and the hotel bill eating any savings we had we had to look for somewhere new to live fast.  We found a place and have been living in the house for almost a week.  Another unfortunate event, all of our household goods are still not here – though in the area, the company couldn’t deliver them until this coming Monday.  I really can’t wait to get all of my things.

In many of our errands around town to get items for the house that we don’t have or couldn’t wait for, we noticed that almost down the street (less than 5 miles away) is a new little quilt shop called “The Scrappy Quilter”. 

This little shop has been open for just over a year and has the most wonderful ladies (at least the ones I have met so far) working there.  They were so friendly and inviting!  Once they realized that I was new to the area, and my husband was just about to retire from the military, the tips and suggestions to local restaurants, shops, etc. started to flow!

They have a little class area and I can’t wait to take a class there (there is one on the 30th that I want to take, but I really need to see how my machine and stuff fair before I sign up for it.  Also, I have classes that start on the 31st.  I am in an 18month associates degree program for Medical Practice Management.

But I am sure you want to see what I bought from my new LQS, right?


I bought a kit that is the above fabric to go with this pattern included:


I also bought the below fabric to work on a quilt for my husband soon


I will see what I have for a black and a black in my stash to go with them.

Boy, my sewing machine can’t get here fast enough!!

From My Stash

I have been “trying” to be good and use up my stash. Here are a couple of projects that I completed this week using what I had – meaning I didn’t buy anything special to complete the project – the fabric was already in my sewing room long before the idea came to me.



This is a friendship braid that I made using the tutorial from Missouri Quilt Co. using the binding tool for a template. That was fun and fast. Though I used more than 70 different fabrics in the quilt, it only used a 2.5″ x wof strip of each fabric. I will quilt it and send it in for next year’s ALS quilts.

Here are a couple of pillowcases I made for my neighbor’s daughters. One is three and the other is 13, I am sure you can figure which one is for which girl. This was for a “thank you” for watching my kids so I could go to the last Tuesday bee my friend JoAnne was able to attend.

it was quite nice to use up some stash, though not as much as I had hoped!

Can You Keep a Secret?

I alluded the other day when I worked on my tsunami tops I would tell you about my secret way to get a lot of different fabrics easily.

They are all new lines… sometimes so new, that they are just available in the stores.

I buy the 12 lb scrap boxes from The Fat Quarter Shop.  This is a side view of my 4th box.  I buy one box a month.  They come in a large size flat rate box.


They are regularly $65 (I think, they are out of stock right now) plus $10 shipping.  I took the time with this box (and all boxes vary so don’t expect to see the exact same things as in mine) to measure each piece and it came out to approximately 33 yards of fabric.  The smallest piece was 4” x WOF and the largest was 2 yards (which is very rare to get a piece that large!).  Most pieces were between 9” & 18” x WOF.   There were a few pieces that were FQ-ish size and a few pieces that were about 10”10”.  Again, this varies per box and you NEVER know what you get until you open it.

As I said earlier – this is my fourth box.  One box I got had a ton of cream/white solids.  One box had a whole bunch of the cupcakery line.  Most of the cuts were cotton in this box but there were a few pieces of batik. 

I love opening each box because it is a surprise.  Plus, I get to see other lines that I may not look twice at and then decide to buy more of it.  There is one piece that I got a FQ size of it and really want to order more, but yardage isn’t available yet…

But you have to promise me you won’t buy them out so that I can continue ordering a box a month.

I’ve done my part…

to stimulate the economy and support the post office.

Since I haven’t been sewing, I have been buying… and boy have I been buying!

A king-sized batting for a specific quilt.  Though I have a roll of batting, it is queen sized.  So I had to order a king-sized batting.CIMG0453

A new sewline pencil with refill leads in other colors.CIMG0460

Block three for the Designer Mystery from Fat Quarter Shop


A book, the other two I ordered were not released yet.  There was a sale to buy two and get one for $1.99 – this was the book I got.


Some Lanyard parts


For a project:

Two bias tape makers:


Some interfacingCIMG0454

Some 1.5 yard cuts of batiks from Fat Quarter ShopCIMG0465

For these two projects:



Some 1-yard cuts from Thousands of Bolts:




Some threads from Superior – mostly bottom line, a couple of spools of king tut


And lastly, I got this cute package in the mail – when I turned it over there were these cute owl stikers:


Inside was this:


Thanks Holly!!


I guess the moral is, don’t leave my sewing stuff in the garage for a week… my pocketbook can’t take it… lol!