I’ve done my part…

to stimulate the economy and support the post office.

Since I haven’t been sewing, I have been buying… and boy have I been buying!

A king-sized batting for a specific quilt.  Though I have a roll of batting, it is queen sized.  So I had to order a king-sized batting.CIMG0453

A new sewline pencil with refill leads in other colors.CIMG0460

Block three for the Designer Mystery from Fat Quarter Shop


A book, the other two I ordered were not released yet.  There was a sale to buy two and get one for $1.99 – this was the book I got.


Some Lanyard parts


For a project:

Two bias tape makers:


Some interfacingCIMG0454

Some 1.5 yard cuts of batiks from Fat Quarter ShopCIMG0465

For these two projects:



Some 1-yard cuts from Thousands of Bolts:




Some threads from Superior – mostly bottom line, a couple of spools of king tut


And lastly, I got this cute package in the mail – when I turned it over there were these cute owl stikers:


Inside was this:


Thanks Holly!!


I guess the moral is, don’t leave my sewing stuff in the garage for a week… my pocketbook can’t take it… lol!

Charlotte’s Web

I think I am seriously in love. 

(photo from Superior’s Site)

This is the product I used for my Fireworks on the Prairie quilt.  Here is a small how-to on how I did it differently than the videos on the website.  I found this way by accident and it makes it even easier (if you could imagine) than their way.

First, I trace the design on freezer paper and cut it out.  I cut just inside the line to make it a little bit smaller.  I then iron the freezer paper down on the fabric that I am using for the design.


Next, I stitch around the freezer paper. I use Bottom-Line in thread in the top and the fusible web in the bobbin.  You can do it either way, but since I generally have a size 10 needle in my machine, it is easier for me to do it this way.


Yes, I do use a contrasting thread. 


After stitching all the way around the shape, I cut as close as I can to the stitch line without clipping the threads.  This can be difficult, so go slow.


Next I press, as directed, to the background fabric for about 10-15 seconds to fuse the shapes together.  Not shown:  Once the shape is fused down I spot-heat a section to lift up the top thread to separate it.  I then spot-heat all around to make the top unravel.


After this I do a button-hole stitch in the matching thread.  You can use whatever decorative stitch you want; zig-zag, herringbone, etc.

The other cool thing is that the fabric is not stiff like when you use steam-a-seam or wonder-under.  You can also trim away fabrics like traditional applique.  I actually trimmed the black away from the white stars in the quilt.