I am a Winner!

My November Schnibbles was a winner!!  My name was drawn to win an awesome prize from Carrie Nelson (of Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company fame!) from Sinta’s and Sherri’s parade!

This came in the Mail on Monday afternoon:


There was no doubt about the contents of the package once I saw this:


I knew exactly what was inside… or so I thought.

Boy is Carrie VERY GENEROUS!!

Not only did I receive a gorgeous bundle of fat eighth’ of MARMALADE – which is perfect.  I was wanting to buy this but since my husband is retiring from the military next summer, I am pinching pennies and trying to be a really good girl and not buy anything – not to mention the fact that I am also moving back to the mainland next summer too.



When I opened the box there was other things inside:


Her brand new Crumbler template (which I can’t wait to try out!! and was thinking of asking Santa to put it in my stocking!)

There was also this in the box.


What could it be?  Let’s get a closer look at the tag on it:


Now, Moda is my absolute FAVORITE fabric company (hint, hint moda… if your listening Winking smile – I will definitely love to “test” some fabrics out for you… Smile ).  I was intrigued by the little tag and was wondering what was inside…  Let’s see, shall we?


Two cute striped kitchen towels.  Christmasy!

Also these:


Aren’t they adorable? 

Thank you SO MUCH Carrie! May you have a wonderful Christmas!



This is how I have been feeling lately about quilting.  Nothing is inspireing me.  I dont feel like working on any of my projects. 

I go into my sewing room and sit there.  I go through the motions of trying to organize things, but I really dont feel like being in there. Some applique is going on in the livingroom, but not really.  I feel in a slump.  I dont know if it is due to the pressures of my kids being out of school and it starting next week, or the fact that my husband is working different hours, he now leaves for work at 8:30 instead of 5:30 ruining the time I like to sew.  It could also be the fact that my house is a mess and I feel I can’t get caught up on the housework, then I feel guilty if I go sew instead of cleaning.

Hopefully I will get out of this slump soon!

A Presidential Quilt

Before we went camping, the guild’s annual potluck, auction, and installation of new officer’s meeting happened.  At this meeting we say goodbye to the old officers (I was the Vice President for the past two years).  One of the traditions of the guild is to make a quilt top for the out-going president.  As Vice President, it was my duty to choose a pattern, arrange for every member to have access to the pattern, and arrange the assembly of the top.

I chose this pattern from Paper Panache.  Though there were complaints that the pattern was too hard, it was the simpler of the two that I had narrowed down my choices to.  I contacted Paper Panache and she generously allowed me to make enough copies to distribute to those who do not have printer/computer access in our guild.

Here is my block:


yes, you see right… no lime green in this block!

Here is the completed top when we gave it to her:


Some of the ladies put buttons, etc on the blocks and it turned out so great!

Just Georgeous!

Last week Thousands of Bolts had a deal on, where anything shipped for $3.95 – I took advantage of that fact and ordered some Moda Bella Solids – which were $4.95 a yard!

I went there looking for some Bleached White and came away with 20 yards of Moda Bella fabric! Not one of them was bleached white too! They didn’t have any. They sent another email yesterday or the day before letting people know that the shipping special was on for another two days and I went back hoping there was some bleached white, but nope, still none, but I ordered another 5 yards of other fabrics. Good thing the shipping special is almost over!!

Here are the Bella’s that I ordered…

Three yards of the “snow” and 3 yards of black. The others are two-yard cuts.

It is a good thing I am not doing a “Stash report, as I would be horribly in the red!

Testing Feed Settings

Google and Feedburner (the place I send my blog feeds to so that I can move my blog anywhere) are not working well.  The last few posts have not been showing up on google reader…