First Finish of 2012

I got my 12 Days of Christmas top completed and quilted over the weekend. 


It looks a little off, but it is the angle of the photo.

I set it differently than the mystery pattern called for.  I didn’t have yardage of anything but some Moda Bella Snow that I keep in my stash.  There isn’t yardage available yet of the Prairie Paisley II yet.  The red binding is from the first line that I had a bit extra of.

The pieced border are 1/2” finished squares – to give you a scale of this quilt.  The blocks are 3” finished.

I do want to come up with a new name for it though, it seems to me that it doesn’t scream “Christmas” to me.

12 Days of Christmas

Temecula Quilt Co. had a free Block of the Day for twelve days starting on Christmas Day.  I watched as it grew interesting.  Then I decided I wanted to play along.  But one thing, my machine was not working and in the shop.  I also wanted to do it in patriotic colors.  I ordered a charm pack of Prairie Paisley II from eBay and they came in yesterday on Day 11.

Today, I got all the blocks done.  Each block is onlly 3 1/2” inches square.

Here they are in order… notice a pattern?

Day 1CIMG0827

Day 2CIMG0828

Day 3CIMG0829

Day 4CIMG0830

Day 5CIMG0831

Day 6CIMG0832

Day 7CIMG0834

Day 8CIMG0836

Day 9CIMG0838

Day 10 (sorry for the blurriness of the photo)CIMG0839

Day 11CIMG0840

Day 12CIMG0841


Each day, the number of the day correlates to the number of patches in the block.  I also did not repeat a fabric in another block – so each fabric only appears in one block.

I am looking forward to seeing how they set these. The mystery will be revealed tomorrow (the 6th).  It only took me about two hours to make all 12 blocks.  I did re-make block 7 because at the end I noticed each of the blocks except that one had no fabric repeats, so I remade that block.