April & May UFO Challenge

April has come and gone, and it was the first month, I didn’t complete my goals for the challenge.  I did manage to piece the backing, sandwich the quilt and also quilt it.  It didn’t get bound.  That is on my list of things to do this weekend – maybe.

Why haven’t I done it?  After I sandwiched the four tops last week, I quilted three of them, including Sparkling Gemstones, which was my UFO for April.  While I had the tables set up, I had decided I would quilt all six tops I had sandwiched – which are: Sparkling Gemstones, Bali Pop Quilt, Summer Day, Autumn Star Struck, Star Crazy, and Paris in the Fall.  So I will be quilting all of them and putting binding on all of them while the extra table is set up in my sewing room.

Currently, Star Crazy, is under the needle; May’s UFO.

Sandwiching Quilts

Today I set up a 6’ table in my sewing room and sandwiched a few quilts. 


First up was Sparkling Gemstones, my April UFO.  I know… I am running a bit late on this one.  Especially since all I had to do was piece a backing, sandwich, and quilt it.

Since I had the table and boards out, I figured I should get a few others done.


Autumn Star Struck came out to play and get sandwiched.


The new schnibble, Summer Day, got sandwiched too.  I really love the way the two reds look when they are together.  It is a good thing to get this one sandwiched, since the baby was born and is now home from the hospital.



Last of all, my Bali Pop Quilt got sandwiched.  As you can see, a young Mel Gibson is on the TV.  Lethal Weapon (1) was on and I had it on in the background while I was sandwiching.  I usually have music on my ipad on playing on Pandora through my dock, but I was in the mood for a tv show.  Something I didn’t have to watch constantly; something I have seen many times.  Lethal Weapon fit the bill. 



I now have a stack of 6 quilts to quilt that are sandwiched and ready to go.  I hope I can get them done soon.


Since most of what I have been working on, I can’t talk about yet (super-secret projects) – my blog has been quiet.  There are a few things that I have done that I can show, but without someone to hold the quilts that is taller than 4’5” , it is hard to post pictures of those tops that I finished recently.  I am hoping to get some photos tomorrow night at guild.

Today I finally broke into the bolt of batting I bought in February.  I cut batting for several quilts that have been waiting.



From the top down:

Giddy With Change – A new quilt

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend – Nancy’s March UFO Challenge Quilt

Red, White, and Bold – Nancy’s February UFO Challenge Quilt

Batik Pop – Nancy’s April UFO Challenge Quilt

Awesome – A new quilt

Autumn Star Struck – Judy’s March UFO Challenge Quilt

Bento Box – Nancy’s January UFO Challenge Quilt.