Flashback Friday – Home For the Holidays


I completed this a little while back (Jan 2009), so it isn’t much of a flashback.  I do plan to quilt it very soon.  I picked up thread while I was at the Tuesday Bee this past week.  It is held at an LQS so it was really easy to pick up the thread ;)

Maybe I will get lucky and have it ready for Christmas this year.  It is already sandwiched and the binding is already prepped.  It shouldn’t be too hard to get it quilted… LOL!

Cross it Off the List

Cross the backing for Home for the Holidays quilt off the list.  Now I have to sandwich it.

I took a bunch of different fabrics from the line of fabrics that it was made from and cut them into 8″ squares to make the back.  Nothing too fancy.  You can see where I even messed up.  I am not worried… it is for the back of the quilt.

January’s UFO

Nancy has chosen a number for the UFO Challenge – Number 4.

That one for me is my “Home for the Holidays” quilt.

Home for the Holidays was a quilt that was started from the 2007 Fall  Patchwork Party.  I didn’t like any of the finishing kits, so I was going to design my own when I bought additional fabrics.  I never got around to it and thought all was lost because you couldn’t find the fabrics any longer.  They then came out with an additional line of fabric which matched the original line.  I bought some of it and then did a simple setting.

This quilt has to have the backing pieced – I have some fatquarters that I bought as an “oops kit” to finish in case I made a mistake.    I will cut large squares out and piece them together randomly to make the back.    I already have the batting cut out.  I have to sandwich, quilt and bind the  quilt to finish it.