BOM Rehab Monday


This week I have two offerings for BOM Rehab.

First up is my Paris in the Fall quilt. It is bound and completed. I wasn’t able to get a full photo of it yet, but trust me, it’s completed and off the list!


Second up, I worked on my first block do Merry Merry Snowmen. It is not completed, far from it in fact, but I did work on it!


April & May UFO Challenge

April has come and gone, and it was the first month, I didn’t complete my goals for the challenge.  I did manage to piece the backing, sandwich the quilt and also quilt it.  It didn’t get bound.  That is on my list of things to do this weekend – maybe.

Why haven’t I done it?  After I sandwiched the four tops last week, I quilted three of them, including Sparkling Gemstones, which was my UFO for April.  While I had the tables set up, I had decided I would quilt all six tops I had sandwiched – which are: Sparkling Gemstones, Bali Pop Quilt, Summer Day, Autumn Star Struck, Star Crazy, and Paris in the Fall.  So I will be quilting all of them and putting binding on all of them while the extra table is set up in my sewing room.

Currently, Star Crazy, is under the needle; May’s UFO.

Paris in the Fall

No, I am not going to Paris this fall.  I am still going to be in Hawaii.  I am talking about the Block of the Month that This and That designed using French General’s fabric.


I ran into a speed bump when I was making one of the blocks and used up too much of the fabrics.  I had to order more fabric – or so I thought of the finishing kit.  I am glad I didn’t have to because though I ordered the same pattern of the fabric, not the same color way.  It was really hard to tell online when the shades are just slightly different.  I used the leftover fabrics to piece the back.

This was one of the tops I completed during my blogging hiatus.  I also cut the batting for it, so it is just waiting to be sandwiched.

Another Un-intended Hiatus

I am such a bad blogger.  I can’t seem to blog with regularity anymore.  The last you heard I had made my awesome miPad case.  I also made a coordinating cell phone/camera case (no photos yet).  Shortly after, my laptop was giving me fits, so I had to send it in.

During that time I completed 3 new tops.  They were already started (as in the blocks were done) and all I had to do was put them together.  I also quilted two quilts.  And bound them.  By hand.  Yep.  I got a lot done.  No photos of the quilts yet though.

Last Saturday, I cut batting for probably about 15 tops. With the intentions of getting as many sandwiched as I could with my gross (1,444) of pins.  I will probably order another two gross of pins soon – you can never have too many pins.

Then I threw my back out.  It still is not feeling its best.  It hurts if I move certain ways or too quickly.  I am just resting a lot.  I wish I had something to bind by hand because there are only so many reruns of NCIS or CSI you can watch in a day.

So instead of complaining about my back, I am going to post a teaser of the tops I got completed (plus one I never got a photo of).


Paris in the Fall:CIMG0487

Star Crazy:CIMG0488

Tomorrow’s Heirlooms:CIMG0489

So look for the posts in the next few days.  Yes, they will be there because they will be auto-posted.

Paris in the Fall Blocks

Where have I been the last few days?  Well I have been working on my “Paris in the Fall” blocks.  I had only two of twelve completed.  It took me nearly a week to get 10 blocks done.  I was only able to get two blocks a day done.  I didn’t sew all day, but a good portion of it. 

These blocks were horrible to put together.  I have never done so much unsewing and re-cutting of fabric for a block as with these blocks.  I don’t know if it was the combination of the French General Fabric (which has gorgeous selvages by the way) that only has 40” of usable fabric and the pattern designer, which based their fabric cutting on 42” of  usable fabric width.  Some of the blocks’ directions were horribly written.  I am saying right now, if you’re a pattern designer, don’t cram directions into tiny spaces.  Even if it is for ‘intermediate to advanced’ quilters, an exploded block is good.

Generally, when I am doing these “Block of the Month” patterns, I will take the pattern, draw it up in EQ and use my Marti Michelle templates.  I don’t follow the written directions.  If I ever do another quilt from this pattern manufacturer, I will do that again!

Here are the blocks:

Month 1


Month 2


Month 3


Month 4


Month 5


Month 6


I added the dark sashing around it.  I had to piece two pieces because I didn’t have enough fabric.  I am also waiting on two more fabrics to finish cutting the ‘finishing’ kit because I didn’t have enough fabric on those two.