My Goals for 2021

My quilting goals for 2021 are as follows:

  • Organize my sewing room. This will be easier once my custom closet shelves are installed. Right now I have stuff all over the room in boxes. Boxes and totes are also in the garage waiting to be unpacked since we moved this past June.
  • Limit my spending. Again, this should be easier to do once my shelves are installed. I have been buying new things because I have no clue where it is in the boxes or i don’t want to dig in boxes for the item. I have pre-ordered some fabrics and kits from Fat Qurter shop, but after organizing everything in a spreadsheet to what I pre ordered and the clubs I am in, I need to “slow my roll” for a bit.
  • Dedicate time during the week to quilting. Currently I only spend Saturdays and Sundays sewing. I think part of it is that my room is so cluttered that I can’t think in the sometimeS and get overwhelmed when I only have an hour in the evenings to sew. I need to plan out projects to work on during the week. Maybe have a few blocks starched and cut out to just sew them together during the week.
  • Document more about the items. Partly document them on my blog, but mostly document them in word documents that I then save on my cloud service that I keep my important documents on. I have seen that keeping them only in my blog was a mistake because my blog crashed and I no longer can remember certain details.

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