From Texas

Sorry for the long absence from the blog; my family has moved from Hawaii to Texas.  We are still in the traveling phase of our move while we visit friends and family we haven’t seen in a long time.

Our last day in our house was the 6th of June.  We flew from Honolulu to Oakland on the 12th of June.  We have been traveling since.

Our stops were:

Oakland to San Diego:  we went to the San Diego Zoo and had a blast.  The drive through LA was not fun.  It took us a VERY LONG TIME to go from North LA to South LA, mainly because we ended up there on a Friday afternoon.


San Diego to Phoenix:  We visited some friends just outside of Phoenix.  We saw temperatures (according to our car) of 114 degrees.


Phoenix to Carlsbad, NM.  We had every intention of going to see the Carlsbad Caverns, but we were all road weary and starting to catch colds that everyone said we should just sit in the hotel and rest.

Carlsbad, NM to San Antonio TX.    We stopped in Midland, TX for lunch and met a friend from HI who lives near there now.  It was great catching up.  San Antonio the first time was a quick trip to check on our cats and visit family really quick.

San Antonio to Houston:  We had several stops in the Houston area to visit friends.  We also went to an Astro’s game where my son got two batting practice balls.

Houston to East Texas:  where I am now.   Visiting my sister and my dad.   Where I have been asked to make chicken and dumplings later today.

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20 Years


The other night, my husband celebrated his retirement from the military (though he doesn’t officially retire until August 31) with his coworkers.  Here is is giving his speech.  He just had a small-ish get-together with his coworkers and some of our friends at a restaurant.  He didn’t want the pomp and circumstance of a formal retirement ceremony.


He had intended to give me my “retirement gift” for being married to him and supporting him for the last 20 years in the military that night -a new charm for my Pandora bracelet.  One that I have been eyeing since he bought me my bracelet and first charm.  He forgot.  but I forgive him.  He had a lot going on.


Here is the rest of the charms that I have.  He has bought all but one that was given to me by two dear friends as a going away present from my bee that I ran for the last 4 years (the crown because my husband already gave me the ‘queen bee’).






Here is the actual bracelet.  I love it!  Each charm has a story and I love each and every one.



I love my husband and I wouldn’t have traded the last 20 years for anything. 

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Sarah’s Revival–Block 7

With my sewing machines packed and on a crate heading towards Texas, I am left with just handwork to do.  The only project I kept out was my Sarah’s Revival blocks.

The only problem with that was I didn’t keep a lamp and the lighting isn’t very cooperative most days to work on it.

I did, however, manage to get one block finished.

2013-05-30 18.06.11

It is still wrinkly since I don’t have an iron to press it right now.

On to block 9 (I started block 8 and I clipped the background fabric really well, so I will have to re-prep block 8).

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As many of you know, I was scheduled to move back to the mainland this summer.  About a week ago, the packers came and packed up our household goods and  took them away to move to the mainland.  Just outside San Antonio, TX to be exact.

Here is  most of my sewing room before the packers showed up.  I placed all of my fabric in large, extra large, and 2-extra large ziploc bags.  It took quite a few of them; as you can see by the pile in the corner under my project boxes.  I also pre-boxed up my sewing machines.2013-05-17 08.12.51

Here is what it looked like after the packers had packed up everything but the shelves:

2013-05-17 14.22.33

Here is some of the garage and such while they are loading the crates.

2013-05-17 15.36.34

It took 10 of those crates to pack our household goods.  In the photo below, three are leaving so that they can come back with more crates.

2013-05-17 16.50.49

We will be leaving Hawaii in mid-June.  After living here for nearly 6 years, I will miss the place!

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Monochromatic Thread Challenge

Each year, the guild puts on a challenge to members that the results are displayed at our annual show.  This year I volunteered to be in charge of it.

The challenge rules that I came up with were these:

1.  Each participant must buy a spool of King Tut Threads by Superior (these were generously provided by Superior at a reduced cost – Thank you for making the challenge possible!).  They were randomly given to participants; basically, I stuck them in a box and pulled a thread spool and handed it to the person – no choice was given – what color they got was what color their quilt was to be. 

2.  The perimeter could be no less than 36” and no more than 60” – but it could be any shape they wanted.  They could also use any technique to construct their quilt.

3.  The quilt had to be monochromatic based on the thread they pulled.  They could not use white, black, grey, or cream (unless their color NATURUALLY went to those colors – ie: brown goes to cream).  They also had to use at least 50% of their quilting had to be done with the thread provided.

Forty-seven purchased thread to try the challenge and twenty-one completed the challenge

At the guild meeting preceding the quilt show opening, members were allowed to vote for their top three choices.  The votes were then tallied and ribbons were given to the top three.

Here are the entries and winners:


Sharon Nakasone – The Blue, Blue Sea – Color 1031 – First Place Winner


Lily Kamikihara – Green Fun – Color # 1008 – Third Place Winner – President’s Choice Winner


Sue Larson – Exploring Textures in Taupe – Color #974 – 3rd Place Winner


Jean Harr –Dreaming – Color #1021


Jo Malmstrom-Okita – 973 – Color #973


Sally Bartholomew – Blue – Color #1030


Barbara Vasold – Misty Mountains – Color #1023


Beverly Powell – Challenge Quilt – Color #1004


Lorraine Tokuyama – Magma Gone Amuck – Color #1001


Dawn Peerson – Under the Sea – Color #1032


John Haushalter – Paradise in Crush – Color #1014


Ellen Owens – Wrinkled Whelk – Color #1015



Richard Jones – Paradise in Golden Glow – Color #1013


Rowena Bellando – Lone Palm – Color #1007


Susan Haushalter – Tear of Envy – Color 1009


Mary Ann Jones – Celestial – Color #1020


Barbar Joy – The Bud -  Color #1005


Donna Kanealii – Welcome – Color #1011


Mona Bonbright – Rosie Rosie – Color #1018


Tahmi Brodhead – Tutu – Color #1022


Charlotte Szarmes – Crazy Cranberries – Color #1000

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