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    My Sewing Room: Before

    I thought I would share a quick post about my sewing room. I cleaned it really well this last weekend so the cleaners could get in to mop and dust really well. All in anticipation that my Dreambox and Sew Station will finally arrive soon. It has been on order since March. I know you ate saying, “but didn’t you get custom shelves built fot your closet”? Yes I did. But it turns out that that was not enough space for my stuff. A lot still remains in my garage since our move last summer (2020). My room is small, just 10 x 11. I just walked in and spun…

  • Sewing Room

    Custom Closet Shelves

    For years I have wanted custom shelving to store my quilting fabrics and supplies. I never could get them since we moved alot due to my husband being in the military A bit over q year ago, we purchased our first house and my dream of custom shelves became a reality. First, we removed the carpet in the study and replaced it with that matched the rest of the house. This took a while since the tile was on backorder due to the pandemic starting up. Once the tile was completed, it was time to plan the shelves. Luckily, my awesome father-in-law does this for a living. We ordered the…