Sewing Room

Custom Closet Shelves

For years I have wanted custom shelving to store my quilting fabrics and supplies. I never could get them since we moved alot due to my husband being in the military

A bit over q year ago, we purchased our first house and my dream of custom shelves became a reality. First, we removed the carpet in the study and replaced it with that matched the rest of the house. This took a while since the tile was on backorder due to the pandemic starting up. Once the tile was completed, it was time to plan the shelves. Luckily, my awesome father-in-law does this for a living. We ordered the pieces for the shelves and once they finally came in, they were put together and installed over several weekends.

COVID made it where it took awhile for it to come to fruition, but finally, the shelves were completed.

Looking into the closet from the room.

A lot is going on here. The blue totes on the very top are completed quilts organized by theme. The clear plastic totes are larger projects that have been started. The black boxes are smaller projects/more recent projects that have been started. Above the boxes is some yardage.

Far left looking into the closet

This section is for my paper crafts and my massive amounts of cardstock.

Left of center

These 8 totes each hold multiple ziploc bags of projects waiting to start. I may or may not have a problem. At least I have enough fabric for a while!

Drawers, left of center

These drawers hold various items. They hold my precuts, my pens and markers for paper crafts, etc.

Right of center

This is most of my yardage. There is no rhyme or reason to the order right now, I was just getting it put our and have not organized it yet.

Right of center

These are my smaller projects. Eventually I will make some better labels for the boxes to stick in the slots, but for now the sticky strip works.

Far right of center

This is the rest of my yardage including my large bolts of Bella solids.

Far right of center

Lastly, these totes are my quilt tops awaiting to be quilted. Like I said. I have a problem. At least I won’t run out of something to work on.

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