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Summer Moon – Broken Dishes

Bonus blocks in the style of Summer Moon

When I signed up for Summer Moon, I will be honest, I loved the colors and knew it was a block of the month, but I was in a quilting slump that had been going on pretty much since we moved back to Texas 6 years ago. First it was school kept me busy for the first 2 1/2 years and then it was establishing myself in my new career. Then it was that I just didn’t have the will to go into the sewing room much. I still bought fabrics and kits, but nothing sang to my soul. Until I recieved the book and the first installment of fabrics.

This quilt sings to me on so many levels. The colors ar my favorite colors, lime and teal and pinks. Thank you Its Sew Emma and Carrie Nelson for this amazing project!

Because I can never make a pattern exactly as the directions say and have to make it my own, I changed a few things. I decided to make this a king sized quilt. I first thought, “oh I only need a few more blocks” and since The fat Quarter shop is amazingly generous with fabrics in kits, I felt I will be good. Then I realized that the blocks were actually smaller than I thought and my math was wrong. I actually needed a LOT more blocks. In fact I needed over twice the amount of blocks that the BOM kit would make.

Some math to figure the amount of blocks needed

I decided that I needed 13 x 13 blocks. If I doubled the blocks, making two each size, that would only get me 144, and I needed 169 blocks. So I needed 25 more blocks. I decided to make 3 more types of blocks to give it more variety. I also needed to not reinvent something and stick with established sizes. Broken dishes fit the bill.

I have attached the screen shot of the guide I used to make the block in the 3 sizes of Summer Moon. The is no real directions as the individual units are pretty straightforward.

Cutting requirements for Broken Dishes

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