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Summer Moon – Checkerboard Block

This has been a project that has been on the back-burner for a while. I have had several other blocks of the month that I was wanting to work on prior to working on this one again. Part of the reason is I was really dreading this block. I think I have 6 each of 9 more blocks, 54 or so blocks left to make. Give or take a few.

I finally decided to bite the bullet and get it done. I did, however, draft it in EQ8 so that I could make foundation paper for the blocks. I definitely was NOT going to make this without paper piecing. I really despise square-in-square blocks without paper piecing.

This quilt will eventually come together. I would love to make one set of blocks a week, but realistically it takes about two weekends to work on the 6 blocks since they are so labor intensive. My piecing has gotten better with my new Janome 6700 – so maybe it won’t be as difficult to piece the remaining blocks.

Large #1

This is my first large checkerboard block. I love how the pinks and greys are together.

This is my second large block for Checkerboard. I stayed with the green/pink/dark blue combo.

Large #2
Medium #1

This is my Medium #1 block. I see that I messed up on the placement, but it is going to stay.

This is my Medium #2 block.

Medium #2

Small #1

This is my small #1 block. The frame is not one from the book, but one that I did in the “style” of the quilt to add more variet.

Lastly, this is my Small block #2. Another that is not a frame from the book, but rather one I did in the “Style of” Summer moon.

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